As the world’s premier supplier of fresh pecans, The Green Valley Pecan Company leads the industry in innovation on our farms. We control the entire process from planting, to harvest, shelling to processing, enabling us to test and implement the latest equipment and processes.

We constantly seek new ways to increase efficiency and continually improve the freshness of the product we deliver, while reducing wasted resources. In the orchard, we employ GPS and laser leveling to conserve water and eliminate run-off.

Once in the plant, we freeze the pecans in the shell to preserve freshness before shelling. All of our pecans are pasteurized during processing as part of our commitment to the highest standards before they are passed through electronic infrared sorters that provide continuous quality checks to remove foreign material or substandard nuts.

Our on-site laboratory—with the latest testing equipment and procedures—ensures we meet or exceed the highest domestic and international standards before we package and ship to our customers.