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 For over a decade and in partnership with organizer Steve Taggart with “TaggRun,” we have hosted these three-part series 5K runs. Participants can sign for one or all three of the events and observe the developing stages of pecans and changes in the orchard. After years of dedicated service, Steve Taggart has announced his retirement as the Event Director. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, FICO will now take on the coordination and hosting of these cherished events, with the goal of honoring Taggart’s legacy, supporting the local community of athletes, and continuing to raise funds for deserving local clubs and non-profit organizations.

Nut Run

April 13, 2024

5K Run/Walk

Early in the spring, when the temperatures are still fresh and the trees are awakening. Some foliage has developed and there may or may not be flowers in the trees.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to:

Walden Grove High School’s Cross Country program

Breeze in the Trees

Aug. 17, 2024

5K Run/Walk

When it’s hot out there runners find a piece of heaven in the orchard. The foliage is at its fullest which creates a protective canopy. At this stage, pecans are in mid growth.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to:

Pecan Classic

Nov. 9, 2024

5K & 10K Run/Walk

Leaves are turning yellow, husks are drying out and pecans are ready for harvest. Temperatures can be cool, but extremely suitable for this kind of activity. 

Proceeds from this event will be donated to:

Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber Foundation
Thank you to our amazing partners:
How can your brand benefit from sponsoring our popular and unique 5k/10K run series, reaching hundreds of participants and spectators?

 Supporting events that promote well-being and community involvement reflects positively on your company. Each run often attract between 200-300 participants and spectators from our surrounding communities. This provides an opportunity to connect with a targeted audience and potential customers. 

Want to showcase your products to health-conscious individuals and families at our 5k/10K run?

Your company’s logo and name will be prominently displayed on run-related materials such as website, t-shirts, emails, and promotional materials.  Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your own materials by having a booth at the event and/or including items in the event packaging.

Want to show your commitment to community health and wellness by supporting events like these runs?

Each of our runs contributes to a local cause. When you partner with us as a sponsor, you help strengthen a local club or non-profit organization and contribute to the sustainability of the event over time. Information about upcoming beneficiaries will be available on our website.


Sponsor one or all three for the price of two!

Deadline for your material to appear in the first run is March 31, 2024.