Our Community

Three generations of the Walden family have maintained the principles and standards of a family farm. This includes donating land for employee housing, a church, and a new high school and elementary school. The Waldens have stayed true to their Sahuarita roots by giving back and celebrating the community that has helped them flourish.

Walden Grove High School

When the Sahuarita School District realized it was time to build a new school to accommodate the growing number of residents, they approached FICO who donated the land where Walden Grove High School was built.

General Involvement

The well-being of our community is one of our priorities. We have supported a wide and large array of organizations and initiatives. We do this in different ways: with funds, product, and/or time. 

Sahuarita Pecan Festival

The Sahuarita Pecan Festival helped support local volunteer groups and non-profits. including: Rotary/Interact, Boy Scouts of America, local food banks. Sahuarita Police Explorers, Southern Arizona Project Healing Waters, and many more. In total, the Festival has raised more than $120,000 for the community over 10 years.

5K Runs

We have partnered with Tagg Run, who organizes these runs through the orchard. Each run benefits a local non-profit group with at least 25 percent of the proceeds. Among these groups are: the Continental School Foundation, the Men’s Active 20-30 Club of Tucson, The GV Firefighting Charities. and many others,

AC Trail

Most of the Adamson-Catino Trail (ACT), crosses the orchard. FICO agreed to a public easement that would allow the trail to be constructed. Along with permitting the easement, FICO helped with preparation of the new trail, including grading the trail and trimming trees and bushes. We also added interpretive signs to inform trail users about the pecan growing process, as well as signs that honored Adamson and Catino for their role in the trail’s creation


In 2023, through the Sahuarita-Green Valley Chamber Foundation, FICO will be giving scholarships to four high school students pursuing a vocational or traditional four-year education.