Our Operation

We own and operate 6,600 acres south of Tucson in the Santa Cruz Valley and 3,700 acres in San Simon near the New Mexico border.

Sahuarita Farm

At the foot of the Santa Rita Mountains are the 5,150 acres of the Sahuarita Farm of which 3,326 are planted. 

Continental Farm

Just a few miles south of Sahuarita is the Continental Farm of which 1,450 acres of which 1,157 are planted. 

San Simon Farm

This is our newest farm, established in 2006 when the first trees were planted. Today San Simon has approximately 3,700 acres planted with a great part of the fields fully productive.

What’s growing?

The two main varieties planted in our farms are Wichitas and Western Schley. These represent over 80% of the fields. Other varieties are Wacos, Bradleys, Pawnees, Navajos, Mandans, and Cheyennes. Having more than one variety results in cross pollination.

Over all, we have over 300,000 trees producing over 15 million lbs. every year.