It’s 3 a.m., and the day begins for Rocky. He brews his coffee, tends to the animals, and heads to the shop. By 4:15, he is prepared to take on the day’s projects—a routine he has mastered during his impressive 57-year tenure at FICO.

His journey with the company began at the age of nine, when he assisted his father, Juan Lopez, during the summers. Juan, the head foreman of Sahuarita Farms, tasked Rocky with unplugging the sprinklers used for cotton irrigation. This job provided the funds needed for Rocky to purchase new shoes before the start of each school year.

Following high school, Rocky joined FICO on a full-time basis. Alongside his extensive experience working on the farm, he was given the opportunity to attend a mechanics class in Tucson. Rocky honed his skills in engine assembly and disassembly, becoming an expert in the field. He has since trained numerous individuals, including his own children, who have all developed considerable proficiency in the world of mechanics.

While Rocky takes great pride in his achievements and skills, his true fulfillment stems from the relationships he has built over his 57 years with the FICO family—executives, colleagues, and especially his dedicated team, who make every project possible. Passionate about his work, Rocky believes there are no limits to what he can learn and accomplish. His track record demonstrates his commitment to delivering excellence in his work, and he wholeheartedly prioritizes the best interests of the company, going above and beyond to protect it. Loyalty, honesty, and professional integrity are values that shine through in his daily dedication.

Years of experience have taught Rocky to respect diverse work styles. He recognizes that some individuals work faster than others, and some are more driven, but ultimately, what matters most to him is the willingness to get things done and a strong emphasis on safety.

As one can imagine, FICO has become Rocky’s life, and he considers himself fortunate to have shared this journey with his wife, Cecilia Lopez, whom we lovingly refer to as “Cecy.” Rocky is the proud father of four adult children and the grandfather of 11. Outside of work, he is an avid hunter, a horse racer, and a car enthusiast. He fondly speaks of rebuilding a 1955 Chevy Bel Air—the very same car he used to take Cecy to a prom dance, reminiscing with joy about those cherished memories.

Thanks to Rocky’s remarkable talent, in great part, we have enjoyed an impressive 57 years of successful harvests, and it’s evident that retirement is not a part of his plans. With his expertise, we can confidently look forward to many more prosperous years ahead.


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