The Vasquez Sisters’ Journey at FICO

Family traditions can manifest in various forms, but there’s something uniquely special when they’re tied to one’s workplace. Such is the case for sisters Pricila and Elizabeth Vasquez. Their father, Hector, relocated to San Simon to work on the farm back in 2011. The girls reminisce about walking through the trees to catch the school bus, and they fondly recall watching the newly planted trees grow into their magnificent splendor.

After graduating from high school, Elizabeth Vasquez joined the operations at FICO, where she worked for six months before assuming managerial and supervisory roles at a local grocery store, gas station, and Subway shop for eight years. Subsequently, she transitioned to a supervisor role in the kitchen of a level two prison in Safford. Despite the fascinating stories and experience she shares about this role, she felt that six months at the prison were sufficient, prompting her to return to continue the family tradition by rejoining the FICO group.

Meanwhile, eight years ago, Pricila Vasquez was recruited by her mother, Norma Nieto, immediately after graduating from high school, to assist with the upkeep of the San Simon farm’s cleaning plant. She cherishes her time at FICO, where she has flourished and advanced her career, now serving as the Administrative Assistant alongside her sister.

“FICO is a place where I feel comfortable,” she remarks, describing it as a safe haven that feels like an extension of “home.” This environment is conducive to her highly creative spirit; Pricila is both an artist and a crafter, often using discarded packaging materials for her imaginative projects in her spare time. Her sister recalls that even as a child, Pricila preferred drawing in the dirt over playing.

We are indeed fortunate to have the amiable Vasquez sisters as part of our team!


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