In mid-May, the diligent farm staff is fully engaged in safeguarding the trees, meticulously spraying row by row with essential chemicals to combat infestations of aphids, caterpillars, and other threats. This breathtaking spectacle unveils a captivating blend of artistry, where the vibrant green foliage harmonizes with the ethereal mist gently cascading upon them.

Jesus Cervantes and Ramiro Fontes enthusiastically shared the benefits of the newly implemented automated and mobile chemical program. The systems were installed on a flatbed truck, equipped with bulk chemicals, a computer system capable of setting the precise amount of gallons required for each spray component, appropriate hoses for transferring the chemicals from the truck to the sprayer, and even solar panels to charge the electronic components.

Among these benefits are significant time savings, potentially reducing spraying time by up to 5 days. The system also enhances safety by minimizing the handling of chemicals and ensures accuracy without any guesswork. Additionally, this innovation has a positive environmental impact as it reduces waste production.


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